Transferring Material to the Archives

Call us (314-7821)

When you have records that are no longer necessary to the operation of your office which you feel should be transferred to the archives, the first step is to call us. We will then either meet with you or talk with you by phone about the nature of your records and their suitability for being transferred to the archives.  We cannot accept surprise shipments of multiple boxes delivered to the University Archives without previous discussion.

Appraise your material

Please go through the files which you wish to transfer to the University Archives to ensure that the material contained therein is of lasting historical value.  We do not need to keep invoices or receipts, account statements, time sheets, supply order lists, etc., so you may discard those files before boxing the material to be archived.

If you need to create folders for loose papers, please do not use gummed folder labels, as the adhesive will eventually fail and the labels will become detached.  Legible handwritten labeling is fine.  Placing your material in folders with meaningful titles will help us tremendously when we process your collection.

Box your files for transfer

 Transfer boxes Use record-storage boxes (cubic foot, or approximately 12"x15"x10") to house your files. Ultra-long storage boxes (12"x24"x10") are too large to fit on our shelving, and they are too heavy to lift when full.  As you fill the boxes, please keep the files in their original order so that the originator’s filing scheme is preserved.  Number the boxes in sequential order if possible, or label them so that their order is obvious (e.g., A-B, C, D-F; 1965-1973, 1974-1978 etc).  This will help us to put the boxes on the shelves in proper order so that material may be easier to locate if necessary before final processing is complete.

Create a digital inventory of the files being transferred 

Please type a list of the file names included each box (in a Word doc, spreadsheet, or PDF). Place a printed copy of each box's file list in the corresponding box, and email a digital copy of the complete inventory being transferred to the University Archivist when the boxing is complete.

Arrange for delivery

Contact Facilities Services' Moving Services  to arrange for the pick-up and subsequent delivery of material to the University Archives (202 Jones Hall). You will need to submitt an Interdepartmental work request to have the boxes moved. 

When you have set the appointment, please let us know when the delivery is scheduled so that we can prepare to accept the material.